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idealstratagem's Journal

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This community is a bit of a roleplaying community, with a twist. Instead of creating a world and a plot and all that, this is simple character development. The idea: someone posts a question, be it simple {ie: What's your favorite color?} or complex {ie: What are your views on organized religion?} and the community members answer, in character. Sound fun? I thought so. That's why I made this community! Hooray!

Pictures of characters are also welcome, though all posts besides question posts are expected to be in character. So, instead of "Here's a pic I drew of my character," it should be "Here is a picture of me," or some such.

You get it. You're an rp'er.

The added bonus is the potential for multiple characters. Characters will not be tied with usernames, so it would be helpful if replies started with "*character name* says:"

I really need to learn to not blab so much. Anyway, questions can be directed to eleganceflawed @ yahoo.com. Thanks and enjoy!

PS: This is hentai, yaoi- and yuri-friendly. For you non-anime fans, this means raw, uncensored, and open-minded. Thank you.